Our Programs

November Program Schedule

Transform through Creative Arts

Transform embodies a natural flow of mutual exchange - where any member of the community can participate in artistry and knowledge.

Our free classes average 15-20 individuals per session. More intimate class sessions are designed to ensure individual attention, tailored to each participant. By creating all-inclusive creative space, participants will cultivate healthy practices for mental and physical well-being. TCC offers a minimum of 1 workshop every day !

Recording studio

Transform will soon house a semi-professional vocal booth and recording studio. Youth will have the unique opportunity to record and produce their own work through our studio and digital in house radio station program. From mixtapes to podcasts, our expert facilitators will teach participants the ins and out of the recording booth - equipping them with tools that will serve them for a lifetime.

Our recurring ‘Jam nights’ will connect artists to their community. From experts to beginners, we offer a platform to showcase a plethora of talents in a friendly and supportive space.

Creative Writing

Transform’s creative writing program includes creative writing, spoken word, professional writing, zines, improv, and stand-up comedy. With the help of our passionate experts, we hope to expose the healing powers of writing as a cathartic experience.

Through events such as open mic nights, we will give participants the opportunity to celebrate their work by presenting it to a welcoming audience once a month.

Visual Arts Space

Our visual arts program explores genres such as cartooning, realist sketching, collage, and photography. This program seeks to display the physical manifestation of innate creativity and help students to develop awareness of elements of art.

We offer opportunities for curating and exhibiting talents in our space through monthly events that are open to the public to enjoy.

Restorative Exercise Hub

Restorative exercise at Transform consists of yoga, meditation, contemplation, and flow arts. We believe in the power of movement as medicine. Whether practices are rigorous or simply entail sitting in silence, we hope to promote mindfulness and self-awareness. When one is centered and at peace within, clarity and self-confidence become byproducts, decreasing the need for external validation, and increasing self-love.