Volunteer Opportunities

Contribute to our community.

Transform Cafe was built on the ideology of “for youth by youth” - It’s ingrained in every aspect of our cafe. This unique space was made a reality with the help of volunteers and students. Without their dedication, we wouldn’t be here today. Operating as a cooperative, volunteers truly sustain this initiative, and we welcome all to reap the benefits of engaging with us. Join our family of multifaceted, talented, and animated beings.

Youth Barista Program

Learn the ins and outs of a cafe through our barista training program! The Youth Barista program teaches the basics of food production while offering opportunities for participants to take creative control, designing custom food and beverages, and weighing in on our seasonally-run menu. If you’d like to learn real-life practical skills and acquire community service hours, email pippa@transformcafe.com.

Creative Outlet Experts

Become an expert for one of our 4 creative programs! Being a Transform expert, you’ll get in house training (Mental Health First Aid, Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviour, and Basic Suicide Training) to thoughtfully serve the community. Transform offers the unique exchange of space for time. In exchange for your time and energy, we welcome our volunteers to use our equipment and event spaces for custom/personal events. E-mail pippa@transformcafe.com if you’re interested in joining our team!

Guest Speakers

We invite all members of the community to speak on the benefits of your craft/ profession. In efforts to celebrate communication and community engagement, once a month, TCC offers “Motivational Mondays” where knowledge is shared through a non-hierarchical and informal conversation. E-mail pippa@transformcafe.com if you’re interested in sharing your wisdom with us.